Commissioner Help Needed

Commissioners….we need you to help us get our Coastal Sage units up to speed and thriving in 2021.

  • First, please confirm your commitment as a Unit Commissioner for 2021 or if you would be willing to sign on, please contact Mike Tulio
  • We are looking for help with re-charter for Crew 9999, Pack 12, Pack 985
  • Please keep in mind worthy candidates for the Driving Force, Spark Plug and District Award of Merit awards
  • Zone Commissioner Basic Training is coming March 6, 2021 – 8am to 11am. Plan now to attend. Contact Mike for more info.
  • Ken Brinkman always needs help with Eagle Boards so check in with him and compare schedules
  • Remember…Council can issue a Special Request for a unit that has less than 5 scouts to re-charter
  • Encourage your Units to recruit…Check with Claire Smith if you need or have ideas.
  • Plan now to attend the Virtual Meeting Brainstorming ZOOM meeting on February 6 to share your ideas and pick up a few new ones to incorporate in your own unit or those you serve. Check with Kimberly Houser for more details