Eagle Scout Boards of Review in the San Diego – Imperial Council are held at the District level.
Eagle Boards are held the 4th Thursday each month in Coastal Sage District.

Now that we are post Covid-19 the original process for obtaining Eagle Awards has been restored and may be downloaded HERE.

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There shall be no fewer than three and no more than six members, all at least 21 years old. At least one member of the respective District Advancement Committees (DAC) must serve as a member. One of the DAC members serves as the Chairman. Members need not be on an advancement committee or registered with the Boy Scouts of America, but they must have an understanding of the rank and the purpose and importance of the review.

A board of review shall not occur until after the local council has verified the application.

The chair works with all involved parties to schedule the date, time, and place.

If a unit leader or unit committee chair fails to approve an application, the candidate is still granted a board of review, but the lack of approval may be considered in the decision. See “Initiating Eagle Scout Board of Review Under Disputed Circumstances,”

To go over the application, references, and service project workbook, members should convene at least 30 minutes before the scheduled board of review. A discussion about the procedures and questions can help those members who may have never served on an Eagle Board of Review.

An Eagle candidate may have only one board of review though it may be adjourned and reconvened if the scout is not yet 18.

Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond Scout’s 18th Birthday  An Eagle Scout board of review may occur, without special approval, within three months after a Scout’s 18th birthday. If a board of review is to be held three to six months afterward, the applicable District Advancement Chair has the authority to preapprove it. To initiate approval, the candidate, his parent or guardian, the unit leader, or a unit committee member attaches to the application a statement explaining the delay.

To hold a board beyond six months after the 18th birthday, the candidate, his parent or guardian, the unit leader or a unit committee member must petition the National Advancement Team for authority to do so. The request must explain the reason for the delay, and it must be processed through the local council and sent to the National Advancement Team with a copy of the application. A position statement from the Scout Executive, designee, or Council Advancement Committee must be included.