January Roundtable Cub Scout Summary

Welcome to a new year!
We had a great kick-off to the new year with this successful Roundtable on January 9th.

The Camporee Staff gave a presentation on this years “Survival” Camporee. They answered questions that came up and are looking forward to a great event the first weekend of April.

Tony Roncoe provided a Scouting BSA High Adventure presentation on Backpacking and ensuring your adventure is well planned, safe and fun.

Vanessa Kampnich, our new Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, presented a craft and discussion on Blue and Gold Banquets and the Pine Wood Derby. Lots of great ideas to get you started in planning for these fun events. Download her notes HERE

The meeting ended with advice from Dad:
“Every Day your hand is dealt
And with this hand your choices are In front of you.
You can choose to inspire or discourage
Be proactive or reactive. Kind or Cruel, You can choose darkness or light
But the choice is yours
At each dawning, with each new hand dealt”