The Order of the Arrow Naabaahii Chapter serves scouts in the Coastal Sage District. It is one of eight chapters in the Tiwahe Lodge of San Diego-Imperial Council.

Join us at the Naabaahii Chapter Meetings:
3rd Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm
Northminster Presbyterian Church
4324 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92117
Chapter Advisor: Bill Greer

Current Naabaahii News: Download the latest news for our Chapter HERE.

Chapter OA presentations of Pack Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremonies have been discontinued. There are many ceremonies available on the internet for Troops to present for Cub Scouts, or Packs to use on their own.

Download the Official Order of the Arrow Webelos to Scouts BSA and Arrow of Light Ceremonies
—Download the OA Brotherhood Application
—Add new OA members to your unit thru OA Elections. See the details HERE.

Naabaahii Chapter has award winning ceremonial teams. Our teams contain ten youth Arrowmen (until April 2020 when three turn 21). Youth Arrowmen age out at 21 like Venture Crew members and unlike Scouts in troops who age out at 18. Only youth Arrowmen can do the OA ceremonies. The Naabaahii ceremony team recently won Honors at the annual Section Conclave in October 2019. This Conclave brings together Arrowmen from Lodges in Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix and San Diego. One of the Conclave activities is Ceremony Team evaluation, and our team has been named Section Honor Team every year since 2014. They also won National Honors at the National Order of the Arrow Conference in 2015 at Michigan State University, and again at Indiana University in 2018.

OA is all about servant leadership. At the Tiwahe Lodge Fall Fellowship at Camp Fiesta Island in November 2019, Naabaahii members demonstrated how to put on an Arrow of Light ceremony and a Crossover Ceremony. Arrowmen were asked to volunteer as Cub Scouts, and as the Cub parents for the Arrow of Light. That made for a good deal of hilarity.

Naabaahii members can always be counted upon for meaningful service. Photos here show service at the annual Wreaths Across America event in December and a color guard for the Saint Paul Cathedral Veterans’ Day Evensong, an event Naabaahii arrowmen have been serving in for nearly ten years. At this event the Arrowmen carry the US and Service flags in the procession and retire them at the end of the service. Arrowmen can also be found regularly conducting Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremonies for Packs. Do you need arrowmen to conduct a ceremony for your Pack? Contact Naabaahii Ceremonies advisor, Susan Abernethy.

Order of the Arrow is fellowship and fun. In January 2020 Tiwahe Lodge had their annual banquet, an occasion for friendly competition and end of year awards. This year’s theme was Hawaiian. One competition is for centerpieces—the picture below shows several of our Arrowmen trying to get the volcano they made to smoke. Awards for the chapter arrowmen were as follows:

  • Naabaahii won Chapter of the Year—again!
  • Three Lodge adults were chosen for their service to the Lodge and awarded the Crossed Feathers Award inicluding Naabaahii Ceremonies advisor, Susan Abernethy.
  • The National Founder’s Award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and co-founder Carroll A. Edson. Only two awards are given by Tiwahe Lodge each year, and if one recipient is an adult, the other MUST be a youth (OA is totally youth-centered). This year both recipients were Naabaahii members: Frederick and Joshua Persons.
  • The final event of the banquet is the annual Call Out of Vigil Candidates. There are three Honor levels in the OA—Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil, the highest. The Vigil candidates are voted on by youth representatives only, and youth are elected first. You have to have worked hard so the youth recognize you! This year, of fourteen candidates called out, four youth and one adult were Naabaahii members.