Roundtable Recap August 2019

We had a total of 51 attendees that added their name to the sign in sheet. There were members from Coastal Sage, Crossroads, and Magnolia Districts.

Many folks shared activities that are going on throughout Council during the announcement portion of the meeting.

Jon Bozarth provided the Big Rock on first aid. He was well prepared with a custom power point and lots of Q&A

Our second half of the Roundtable was a Campfire Program. The program was done very well and showed process and content that can be used in any Campfire Program. The volunteers to make this happen worked well together to create a memorable program.

  • Joshua and Frederic Persons provided a 2 part harmony as they sung our National Anthem
  • Jon Bozarth did a great job as the programs Emcee.
  • The SKITs were fun and funny, the songs were well lead.
  • Mr. Mike Byerline presented a moving Scout Masters story.
  • Our flag retirement was particularly memorable. We retired a garrison flag with a retirement called 7 salutes honoring the service an American Flag renders in its lifetime.

All in all I was very Proud to have been there, just to experience it.
Dan (Mr. Beau) Bozarth
Coastal Sage ADC for Roundtable