Roundtable Recap June 2019

The June Coastal Sage Roundtable was well attended. Congratulations to Pack 24 for winning the Spirit Stick!


Many members received awards that they did not get at the District Awards Dinner

John Kind, ADC did a fantastic job leading a discussion about Eagle Project counseling and inspiring Cubs to reach for Eagle. There was great input from the attendees.

The Break-outs were informative and well received.
July: Joining Night & Friendly: Friends Near and Far

Finally we adjourned with this Minute from Mr. Beau:
I want to remind everyone that at every moment of your life “You get to Choose”. You get to choose how you act, and how you re-act to everything in your life.
You choose to respond to others with Kindness or Contempt!
You Choose to be positive or negative
You Choose to waste time dwelling on a problem or gain productivity through coming up with solutions.
You Choose to live the Scout Law or to reject it.
We ALL fall into this trap at one time or another. It’s HOW we react to our shortcoming that matter.
There are 2 ratios that I advertise on my office door as reminders. I have raised my sons with these 2 ideals. The first is 100/0 this reminds us to be 100% responsible for our actions and have 0 excuses for them. The next is 5/1 this reminds us to ensure that we produce 5 positive actions for every 1 negative we install in the universe. It’s holding yourself accountable to be positive.
There are only 2 things anyone needs to accomplish anything…Aptitude and Attitude! You need to be able to accomplish a goal and you MUST maintain a solidly positive attitude to make it succeed.
Know that the ONLY change you have control of is the change you make in yourself. Ask yourself everyday “How can I be a better me than I was yesterday?”
Thank you attending tonight. Together we can achieve greatness.

See you next month on Thursday, July 11th at our next Roundtable!

Yours in Scouting,
Cassandra Ablola
Coastal Sage Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Dan (Mr. Beau) Bozarth
Coastal Sage ADC for Roundtable