Roundtable Recap September 2019

September Roundtable was well attended and helpful. Congratulations to Pack 299 for earning the Spirit Stick this month!

Our Senior District Executive Rob Canton had in hand everyone’s re-charter and led the Big Rock by going step by step through the process. Folks had lots of questions and Rob had lots of answers. Hopefully we won’t be pestering these units to get them done on time.

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Cassandra Ablola led a Cub Scout break-out about being Helpful, Cubs in Action, Popcorn and created Movie themed (Bucket of Popcorn) Neckerchief Slides.

Kids 12 and under receive free admission at more than 40 art, cultural, and science museums and historical sites in San Diego County when they present the Kids Free in October coupon.

Unit Commissioner Kimberly Houser covered the Why, When and Who of ILST training for the Scouting BSA group.

We ended with a scoutmasters minute delivered by Dan (Mr. Beau) Bozarth as follows:
Jar of Stuff Minute
See this container? This is my Jar of Stuff that sits on my workbench. When I do a project, if there’s a few screws left over, I dump them in here. If I have an extra nut or bolt or piece of wire or hinge, it goes in here. Some of these things have been in here, never used, for almost 20 years. But, I know they are here. I know that because I will occasionally need a screw or bolt and I rummage through here until I find one. Every time I do that, I see what else is still here, ready to be used when needed.

How does this have anything to do with scouting?
Well, everything you’re learning in Scouts goes into your Jar of Stuff up here in your brain. It’s ready for that one day when it’s needed. You learned how to fuse the end of a rope. Do you do that every day? No. But, some day when you have a frayed rope, you’ll reach into your Jar of Stuff and know how to fuse that rope. You know how to identify poisonous plants. Do you do that every day? No. But, on your next hike, you’ll recognize and avoid those plants.

When you use something from your Jar of Stuff, you should also check out all the other things you have in there. Take some time and refresh your skills so you remember you have them. Like some of these pieces of hardware, some skills may sit there unused for years until you find yourself in an emergency when you need to dump out your whole Jar and put all of it to use. That’s when you’ll be glad you have your Jar of Stuff full to the brim.

And guess what? Roundtable is a great resource to fill your Jar.