Updated Safe Swim Defense is available

In collaboration with the BSA National Aquatics Subcommittee, ScoutingU has released an updated version of “Safe Swim Defense” online training that is also mobile compatible. Since the inception of Scouting, learning to swim and engaging in aquatics activities have been core to the program. Safe Swim Defense training is required for any BSA unit who will participate in swimming activities. This online training ensures that adult leaders are prepared to facilitate safe swimming programs by reviewing the eight points of Safe Swim Defense. To access the updated training, log onto my.Scouting.org and search the catalog in the BSA Learn Center for “Safe Swim Defense.” For additional information regarding BSA aquatics programs, please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting and the BSA’s Aquatics Supervision Guide.


Q. Does Safe Swim Defense training have to be renewed? 
A. Yes, adults supervising a swimming activity must have completed Safe Swim Defense training within the previous two years.  

Q. Do I need to take the new version of Safe Swim Defense training if my current training is not expired?  
A. No, you can complete the updated version of Safe Swim Defense when your current certification expires

Q. Is Safe Swim Defense training available to take in person? 
A. No, Safe Swim Defense is only available online. It is also mobile compatible.